There Can Only Be One

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-A has been acquired by the Foundation Front Desk Company, and outside access is prohibited. All the abnormal props used by the layers in the venue are collected and placed in a unified manner. By editing the official website of the SCP-XXXX event to replace the image of the winner Josh Swain with a composite photo of Josh Vinson Jr., the public shifted the object of address to prevent anomalous leaks caused by improper naming.

SCP-XXXX itself has converged to the normal modalities, and no more shelter measures are needed.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a internet meme known as "Josh Fight", and an offline party that was facilitated afterwards.

SCP-XXXX was first designed accidentally by Josh Swain, a civil engineering student from Tucson, Arizona. Out of boredom and as a joke, he created a social media group on April 24, 2021, inviting all his friends with the same name to join and claiming that a duel would be held one year from today, where only the winner would be eligible to use Josh Swain's name and the rest would be forced to change theirs.

The event quickly spread across the Internet as a phenomenal cause, convinced that it had been tampered with by unusual means in the process. It gained even more power and contagiousness, and quickly remained a high hit and topic on the Internet. On April 24 of the following year, the event was held as scheduled at the Green Zone in Lincoln, Nebraska's Sky Park (hereafter marked as SCP-XXXX-A). A number of Foundation employees were also present at the event for personal reasons, so after the event, agents present at the event quickly noticed something unusual about the event and temporarily marked it as SCP-XXXX after intervening to investigate.

SCP-XXXX-B is a collective term for all the anomalies during and after the event held by SCP-XXXX-A, as follows.

  • Interstate interlocal facilitation phenomenon. Multiple individuals who reported a high level of interest in the project and were eager to participate in the SCP-XXXX event but dropped out due to distance or other travel, teleported to SCP-XXXX-A on the day of the April 24 gathering and returned in the same form afterwards. According to the individual, the whole process was "like getting high".
  • Information hazard covering the entire SCP-XXXX-A. Any individual who mentions the name "Josh" or "Josh Swain" frequently in the venue will be more focused and enthusiastic about what is happening in front of them. This effect can be transmitted to surrounding objects in the form of incitement.
  • All individuals are more susceptible to confusion and disorientation. A typical example is when two parties are playing a game and one party proposes a new rule, the other party and bystanders will agree without thinking, even if the rule is clearly against the convention. This effect fails for those in the know.
  • Dozens of swimming floats. When holding a float, individuals will be more entertaining and playful, empathetic, and show humility in the face of the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. The source of the drinks was unknown, and the results of each inquiry were that they were not brought by any of the participants.
  • All drinks were blended with a small amount of other liquids, which ingredients tested close to the Foundation's Class C amnestics.
  • The naming of the winner of this event was unusual. No one could refer to the subject by any name other than "Josh Swain" except for third person and characteristic pronouns, even if the winner had previously used his or her real name.
  • A donation made to the account of the local Children's Hospital and Medical Center Foundation was signed by the Tylwyth Teg Committee. The foundation later covered it up, substituting it with its own front company and withholding it from public release.

Josh Swain was the winner of the SCP-XXXX party. Josh Swain, previously referred to as [edited for unusual contamination], a local child as young as 5 years old. The subject's whereabouts were unknown after the incident. Agents found a dumpster in the corner of SCP-XXXX-A containing a burnt children's outfit consistent with the outfit worn by SCP-XXXX-C on the event image. A small amount of the same burnt fur was found inside the children's clothing.

The subject and his family had memories of his participation in SCP-XXXX and winning the championship, but when examining home surveillance, it was discovered that the subject was restricted from going out on the day of the event by his parents for possible seizures. A Burger King paper crown was found in the subject's bedroom and was believed to be a prize awarded to the winner of the SCP-XXXX event. It had the following inscription on the inside.

King Josh

You took my name, and now I'm taking one back

You know there can only be one here

The real identity and whereabouts of Josh Swain are still being traced.

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