特殊收容措施: No special maintenance is required. Cleaning should ideally be performed on a monthly basis. Entry of persons to the apartment is left to the discretion of the designated caretaker, the person in charge of Apartment 5919.无需特殊维护。理想情况下,应每月进行一次清洁。入住公寓的人员需由指定管理员,即5919号公寓的负责人自行决定。

描述: Apartment 5919 is a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment in the Niederrad district of Frankfurt, Germany. It was constructed in 1984 and is in average condition for its age.5919号公寓是一间一室一卫公寓,位于德国法兰克福市尼德拉德区。其建于1984年,现处于其使用年限的平均状态。

The apartment contains the following items:该公寓包含以下物件:




  • 双人床
  • 床头柜
  • 梳妆台
  • 闹钟
  • 行李架


  • 双头燃气灶
  • 不锈钢水槽
  • 微波炉
  • 电冰箱
  • 电热水壶
  • 各式餐具,碗碟,炊事用具


  • 抽水马桶
  • 陶瓷水槽
  • 淋浴器
  • 废纸篓


  • 双座沙发
  • 电视
  • 电视柜
  • 咖啡桌
  • 地毯

Apartment 5919 has no remarkable attributes or properties beyond what would be expected of other apartments in the city.5919公寓无任何超出城市中其他公寓预期的显著性质或特征。

The last resident of Apartment 5919 moved out in 2018. Since January 2020, it has been owned by a private organisation responsible for managing property.5919号公寓的最后一位住户于2018年搬出。自2020年1月以来,其一直由一家负责管理房地产的私人机构所拥有。



附录:a body retrieved from the Main River by Hesse State Police was identified as the Slovak-German artist Andrej Schröder, born in Dresden in 1948. Schröder had been under intermittent Foundation surveillance since 1985, after his first appearance in Central European anomalous art circles.2/01/2020, 黑森州警方从美因河打捞起一具尸体,确认为德裔斯洛伐克艺术家安德烈·施罗德,1948年生于德累斯顿。自1985年首次在中欧异常艺术圈露面后,施罗德就始终处于基金会间歇性监视之下。

While he enjoyed a distinguished career in sculpture, metalwork and mixed media at his Frankfurt studio, culminating in a 15-year retrospective exhibition ("Schröder: Capital, Cognition, Compulsion") at the Paris AWCY Millénaire? in 2000, he became gradually disillusioned with what he perceived as increasing commodification and consumerism within the art world, ceasing his own work entirely in 2009 and moving to his farm in Vogelsbergkreis to pursue gardening and maintaining his large collection of outsider art.他在法兰克福工作室以雕塑,金属加工与混合媒介而享誉盛名,又因在巴黎AWCY千禧年?举办的十五周年回顾展(“施罗德:资本、认知、强迫”)而达到事业顶峰。2000年,他逐渐对艺术界日益增长的商品化和消费主义感到失望,2009年,他彻底停止了自己的工作,并搬到他于福格尔斯贝格县的农场从事园艺与保养他收藏的大量外来艺术。

Several of Schröder's acquaintances re-established contact with him in 2015, when he returned to Frankfurt to work on what he described as a final, ultimate work of "anti-art", which would "defy advertisement and marketing," although he never divulged any specific details. He reported having completed the project by late 2017, but was unable or unwilling to describe what he had created.2015年,当他回到法兰克福,从事他所述的“异常艺术”的最终之作时,施罗德的几位熟人与他重新取得来往。尽管他从未透露过任何具体细节,但他表示这将“蔑视一切广告与营销”。他报告说该项目已在2017年底完成,但他无法或不愿描述他所创造的东西。

Schröder had been seen to be drinking heavily for several days prior to the discovery of his body and his death was ruled an accident, although the Hesse medical examiner noted that suicide could not be definitively excluded. Andrej Schröder has since been designated PoI-5919.在发现他的尸体之前,曾有人看见过施罗德连续数日酗酒,他的死被判定为意外,尽管黑森州的法医指出,不能明确排除自杀的可能,安德烈·施罗德此后被指定为PoI-5919。

The only item of note found upon his person was a card of Marshall, Carter and Dark design.
唯一在他身上发现的值得注意的物品是一张Marshall, Carter和Dark设计的卡片。

You are cordially invited to the viewing of an ordinary Frankfurt apartment.我们诚挚邀请您参观一间普通的法兰克福公寓。
Price and address on request.根据要求提供价格和地址。

Similar cards were found to have been distributed over the week before by MC&D to a number of wealthy, high-profile clients.此前一周,MC&D也向一些富有、知名度高的客户发放了类似的卡片。

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